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Sunrise Dental is now offering emergency services

The following is from Sunrise Dental:

(April 10, 2020) — Sunrise Dental is a Union dental group and is comprised of independently owned dental offices throughout Washington and Oregon. We are a group of Unionized dentists who morally believe that taking care of our employees and patients is our No. 1 priority. During these difficult times, our owners and over union employees that work in our facilities are asking, “How can we help our Union Family?”

We came up with an answer, The Sunrise Dental Emergency Network. This will give our community members a place to go, should a dental emergency occur since most dental facilities are closed and are not accepting patients at all. This will also help to avoid those dental emergencies from going into our local hospitals at a time when we need prioritize those services for people who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

•  High-quality dentistry using quality products.
•  Locations have agreed to open at least one day a week, some 4-5 days a week to take emergency patients when needed and on call for emergencies that cannot wait.
•  All offices are Preferred Providers with most dental plans.
•  All offices are small businesses and owned by practicing dentists; not corporate dentistry.
•  All locations are CDC compliant and offer a safe and clean environment, following ADA Guidelines for COVID-19.

In addition, during these difficult times, Sunrise Dental partnering offices will be offering emergency “palliative” care at no charge for those members that have lost their benefits and are experiencing financial hardship.

To find a location, please call 877-770-3077 or visit

For further information or questions, please contact Shannon A. Myers via email or call 360-589-0198.

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