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Seattle Times digital journalists: One Newsroom, One Union!

UPDATE (June 1, 2020) —


SEATTLE (May 28, 2020) — There is a divide in the newsroom of The Seattle Times. Washington state’s largest newspaper has more than 100 unionized newsroom employees, but its 15 digital journalists, who produce the Times’ online videos and other content, have been denied union representation. On Tuesday, those digital journalists announced a “One Newsroom, One Union” campaign to end that divide and to call on Times management to voluntarily recognize them as members of the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild, CWA Local 37082.

“We are joining our colleagues and fellow journalists in the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild to continue creating award-winning journalism without an arbitrary divide between print and digital roles,” said Michelle Baruchman, Times engagement editor, in a video featuring most of those digital journalists.


“We want a seat at the table and a voice in preserving what we love about working at The Seattle Times,” said Anna Patrick, engagement editor.

State and local labor organizations strongly support their efforts and are urging management to voluntarily recognize the digital workers’ union.

“We appreciate and value the critically important work of all journalists,” said Larry Brown, President of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO. “Digital journalists at The Seattle Times, like so many other workers, are joining together to make sure their voices are heard now during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the future. They know there is power in unity. And it makes no sense for employers to construct artificial barriers to that unity or use new technology to divide their employees. We urge The Seattle Times to recognize this union.”

“Seattle Times digital journalists are joining the house of labor!” tweeted MLK Labor. “Journalism is fundamental to our community and all journalists deserve the ability to collectively bargain.”

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