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Take action to Defend the Post Office, end DeJoy’s delays

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nov. 17, 2020) — People are coming together across America today to celebrate the work of our public U.S. Postal Service, a pillar of our democracy and our communities. In a National Day of Action organized by the American Postal Workers Union, we are showing our appreciation of postal workers and once again calling on Congress to pass $25 billion in coronavirus relief for the USPS.

TAKE A STAND — Show your support for our Postal Service and its employees by calling your U.S. senators at 833-924-0085 to Defend the Post Office! Tell them to:

✔ Pass $25 billion in emergency COVID relief for the USPS.
✔ Permanently reverse Postmaster DeJoy’s delays.

During the election, postal workers made remarkable efforts to ensure vote-by-mail was a success. The Postal Service was key to safeguarding our democratic rights. But the Postal Service remains under serious threat.

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown USPS’s finances into a state of crisis. A sharp decline in revenue means the Post Office could run out of money, threatening the essential service postal workers proudly provide the country every day.

This summer, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy put in place policies that caused serious mail delays. While the public outcry forced DeJoy to temporarily “suspend” these cuts in advance of the election, he has promised to return to his policies. These cuts undermine the public confidence – currently 91% of the public approve of USPS – and drive away business.

The public knows the Postal Service is essential in their lives. Postal workers are absolutely dedicated to providing prompt, reliable and efficient postal services through the pandemic and beyond. They defended our democratic rights, now we have to defend the post office.

Thank you for showing your support by calling 833-924-0085.

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