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Domestic workers, employers: Share your opinions on benefits

SEATTLE (Feb. 16, 2021) — In July 2019, the Seattle Domestic Workers Ordinance went into effect to provide some basic labor rights such as the minimum wage and rest and meal breaks for nannies, house cleaners, homecare workers and gardeners working in Seattle.

The Seattle Domestic Workers Coalition — which includes representatives from Casa Latina, Hand-in-Hand, Legal Voice, Nanny Collective, National Domestic Workers Alliance, SEIU 775, and Working Washington — is currently conducting a survey of domestic workers and their employers to learn about their experiences and opinions related to providing benefits for domestic workers. The coalition is particularly interested to hear from folks who work in the City of Seattle, including those who don’t live in Seattle, and employers who live in Seattle.

The survey results will be used to inform policies regarding domestic workers. The responses are anonymous and will only be shared in aggregate.

If you are a nanny, house cleaner, home care worker or gardener, or if you employ such a worker in your home (or have in the last year), please take a few minutes to fill out the relevant short surveys to share your experience.

Click here for Domestic Worker Survey

Click here for Domestic Employer Survey

If you are neither a domestic worker or employer, please forward and share the surveys with your networks, friends and family. Thank you for participating and/or sharing.

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