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Apply now for Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund

UPDATE (May 12, 2021) — The Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund is no longer accepting applications. Thank you to all the powerful immigrant organizations who made this fund possible! If you would like to stay updated on future immigrant support funds, immigrant enforcement activity in your area, and immigrant advocacy efforts, please follow Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network on Facebook or text the word RELIEF to 509-300-4959.

OLYMPIA (April 22, 2021) — Millions of Washingtonians have been adversely impacted and have endured economic hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including 250,000 people who have been unable to access unemployment insurance compensation and federal stimulus packages due to their immigration status. Applications are now open for additional rounds of the Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund. Applications are open until May 21, 2021, and funds will be distributed to approved applicants between June 1 and June 15, 2021.

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The Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund is a pool of funding created during the coronavirus pandemic to support people ineligible for federal stimulus money or unemployment benefits due to their immigration status. With an additional $65 million recently allocated, the relief fund will provide a total of $127.6 million in federal CARES Act funding to distribute a one-time cash grant of $1,000 per person.

Applicants must demonstrate that they are a Washington state resident, at least 18 years old, have been significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, are ineligible for federal stimulus payments or unemployment insurance benefits due to their immigration status, and have an income at or below 250% of the federal poverty level. The Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief fund is considered one-time disaster relief assistance and will not be considered under the public charge rule. Receiving assistance from this fund will not impact people’s ability to obtain a green card.

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, prioritizing those in greatest need.

The fund is in response to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on immigrant communities, both in terms of higher infection rates and loss of employment/income during the pandemic. Many immigrants are essential workers in Washington’s biggest industries, including agriculture, construction and health ​​care. While most immigrants (regardless of immigration status) pay local, state and federal taxes, about 250,000 people in Washington state do not have access to any federal assistance, relief funds or unemployment benefits.

If you need additional assistance, call the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network at 844–724–3737, every day from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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