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Support SB 5438, jobless benefits for undocumented workers

The following is from the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN):

OLYMPIA (Feb. 1, 2022) — SB 5438, sponsored by Sen. Rebecca Saldaña (D-Seattle), would provide unemployment benefits to workers who are unemployed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and not eligible for unemployment benefits due to immigration status. It will be heard in the Senate Committee on Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs on Wednesday, Feb. 2, but we need your help to make sure senators vote “yes” before the cutoff deadline on Feb. 3.

TAKE A STAND — WAISN has set up a legislative action to make it easy for you to support SB 5438. Click here to send a letter urging your Washington state senator to support SB 5438 because all workers, regardless of citizenship status, deserve the right to provide for themselves and their families in the case of a layoff. You can also click here and select your position as “PRO” on the bill without testifying.

More than 250,000 undocumented immigrants call Washington home. These workers make substantial contributions to our state economy, including paying nearly $400 million each year in state and local taxes. They are overrepresented in industries that have been decimated by the pandemic, including agriculture, restaurants, hospitality, landscaping, and construction. And they have been deprived of millions in federal relief funding that they would have received if they were U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Please take action today to support SB 5438.

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