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Celebrate PSLA Food Bank’s Grand Opening on Friday

SEATTLE — At long last, the Puget Sound Labor Agency Food Bank has moved into a permanent new location and all union leaders, members and community supporters are invited to help them celebrate.

The PSLA Food Bank will hold its Grand Opening celebration/fundraiser at its new Georgetown location, 5300 4th Ave. South in Seattle, from noon to 4 p.m. on Friday, April 22. Join special guests Washington State Labor Council President Larry Brown, former WSLC President Rick Bender and other distinguished guests at this fun event featuring live music, food and drink, a raffle and silent auction. Please RSVP here.

For 45 years, the PSLA (formerly the King County Labor Agency) Food Bank served the Belltown community from its home in the Seattle Labor Temple. Over the years, what started as a union-affiliated food bank became less so. Now in its new home, the PSLA Food Bank is looking to bolster its existing union ties and create new ones so the Puget Sound labor community can continue to demonstrate that union members are always willing to lend a hand to workers in need.

Even as the PSLA Food Bank moved to temporary locations at Showbox Sodo and elsewhere, it has continued to serve its clients, including more than 150 from its former Belltown community. During the 2020/2021 fiscal year, it served more than 65,000 people and provided more than 630,000 pounds of nutritious food to the community through its food bank.

“PSLA wants to change the idea of what a food bank is and combat the idea that only a select few would benefit from a food bank’s services,” said PSLA Executive Director Samuel Sim.

Above all, PSLA Food Bank is fueled by innovation and adaptability. It has expanded its capacity while always striving to serve its clients fresh produce, quality proteins, various specialty items, and culturally conscious groceries.

TAKE A STAND — To continue providing these needed services, the PSLA Food Bank needs your help. Please make a generous donation to help make the April 22 event a success and support the agency’s future growth. The PSLA Food Bank is immensely thankful to all of its past, present and future sponsors.

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