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Verizon Wireless workers vote Union YES!

The following is from the CWA:

EVERETT, Wash. (April 15, 2022) — Verizon Wireless retail workers in Everett and Lynnwood, Wash., voted overwhelmingly in favor of forming a union with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Friday in an official National Labor Relations Board election. The decisive win comes in response to years of retaliation by senior management and poor working conditions, including understaffing and unlivable wages. With their newly formed union and a voice on the job, Verizon retail workers are preparing to bargain for a wage that is consistent with the rising costs of housing, fair scheduling and a better work-life balance.

Verizon workers add to the growing labor momentum nationwide, especially amongst retail and hourly workers. Verizon is one of the most notorious anti-union U.S. companies. In fact, the day after workers publicly announced their organizing efforts in March and asked for voluntary recognition from Verizon, the company flew its in-house union-busting team to Seattle. Despite Verizon’s efforts to force anti-union rhetoric on Seattle workers, employees remained united in their efforts to organize, and their success marks a monumental moment for Verizon and other retail workers across the country.

“We showed Verizon that their scare tactics won’t work. We know our worth, and it’s time we have a seat at the table and have our voices heard,” said Austin Hitch, a Specialist at Verizon Wireless. “We hope that our success shows our fellow Verizon Wireless workers across the country that their voice matters, and when you stand united you can do great things.”

For years, workers have been pushing back against Verizon Wireless’s poor working conditions, along with the company’s long history of union-busting. In 2014, corporate executives and upper level management at Verizon Wireless launched an aggressive anti-union campaign amid organizing efforts at its retail stores in Brooklyn, where workers triumphed and formed the first union for Verizon Wireless workers with CWA. Verizon workers in Everett and Lynnwood are joining Brooklyn workers in successfully forming a union and securing a seat at the table.

“Verizon tried to convince us that we don’t need a union. They tried to mislead us and tell us the problems we face at work are not real and that our circumstances will not be resolved with a union” said Nichola Munro, a Specialist at Verizon Wireless. “But we know that our collective voice has value and that the only way things will change is by joining together and demanding Verizon listen to and address our concerns.”

Verizon Wireless workers felt encouraged by the successful organizing efforts at companies across the country and were inspired by local Seattle Starbucks workers who recently won a union in an NLRB election. Verizon workers in Everett and Lynnwood are optimistic that their union win will similarly create organizing momentum across Verizon Wireless stores nationwide.

“We are witnessing an inspiring moment of worker power in this country,” said Natalia D’aigle, a Specialist at Verizon Wireless. “After seeing the organizing efforts by Seattle Starbucks workers and their ultimate success in forming a union, we felt even more empowered to join together and demand a seat at the table. We’re looking to bargain for better working conditions while also supporting Verizon Wireless workers nationwide in fighting for a union and voice on the job. If Starbucks workers can do it, why not us?”

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