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WSLC congratulates NYC Amazon workers

Organizing victory is proof that workers CAN join together, even against powerful anti-union corporations, to demand better working conditions


SEATTLE (April 1, 2022) — Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO President Larry Brown and Secretary Treasurer April Sims released the following statement today in response to the Amazon Labor Union’s organizing victory at Amazon’s Staten Island warehouse, known as JFK8:

“Washington’s union movement congratulates the Amazon Labor Union in Staten Island on becoming the first — hopefully of many — Amazon workers to join together in a union to negotiate safer working conditions and better compensation. It is a testament to the power of these working people that this historic victory was achieved in the face of a multi-million-dollar union-busting campaign, and against a company with a long history of violating federal laws by interfering with their employees’ freedom to choose unionization. Millions of workers across the U.S. have their backs as they negotiate their first union contract.

“It has been well-documented that Amazon workers in Washington state and throughout the nation face unsafe working conditions and high injury rates. As these Amazon employees in Staten Island have demonstrated — even with broken federal labor laws and company bosses spewing anti-union propaganda and lies — you CAN join together to demand better working conditions. We encourage all workers who are ready for a voice at work to contact a union organizer today and join our growing movement.”



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