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Got ballot? Check out labor’s endorsements

(Oct. 19, 2022) — County auditors around Washington state are mailing general election ballots to voters this week, and union voters are being urged to fill them out right away and return them. Learn more at

This fall, your vote is critically important to protect your freedoms. The freedom to vote, the freedom to join a union, the freedom to earn a living wage, the freedom to access health care and make decisions about our own bodies… it’s all on the ballot. That’s why union members and their families are urged to vote for candidates who will protect our freedoms, and vote out those who don’t.

How you vote is a personal decision. The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO and its affiliated unions across the state have researched the issues, studied the voting records, and made recommendations for your consideration. For example, in the important U.S. Senate race the WSLC has endorsed the re-election of Sen. Patty Murray.

Check out the list of 2022 WSLC Endorsements. These endorsements are the result of hundreds of delegates from unions across the state who reviewed candidate questionnaires, interviewed candidates, and then met and voted upon which candidates they believe have earned labor’s support.

You can also find labor endorsements on local ballot measures and races by your local Central Labor Council:

MLK Labor (King County)
Pierce County CLC
Snohomish & Island CLC
Southwest Washington CLC
Spokane Regional LC

If your CLC is not listed, contact them to see if they have any recommendations.

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