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Join UFW’s Romero in Sunnyside to support mushroom workers

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. (April 18, 2023) — Teresa Romero, President of the United Farm Workers, will join mushroom workers and their supporters today as they demand that Greenwood (formerly Ostrom) Mushrooms in Sunnyside, Washington, recognize the workers’ union.

TAKE A STAND — All area union members and community supporters are invited to attend at 4 p.m. action TODAY (April 18) outside Greenwood Mushrooms, 1111 Midvale Road in Sunnyside. Parking is available at 1080 Midvale Road.

Last year, Ostrom workers chose to unionize with the UFW after becoming fed up with unsafe production standards, discriminatory firings, and wage cuts. The workers maintained their ongoing organizing efforts while facing discriminatory retaliation by management and the company’s refusal to recognize or negotiate with the union.

In August 2022, the Washington State Attorney General sued the farm, describing violations of civil rights, gender discrimination and displacement of local workforce with H-2A workers who have fewer protections. Washington AG Bob Ferguson cited clear evidence of discriminatory violations, saying, “Their conduct is disturbing and unlawful.”

In February 2023, Ostrom Mushroom announced the company’s sale to Greenwood Mushrooms, as part of a “Windmill Farms” label owned by the Canadian investment firm Instar Asset Management. All Ostrom employees were terminated and given a letter offering “new” employment under the new management — but at lower wages, in less preferable jobs, and all under an arbitration agreement for any labor disputes.

Whether under the label “Ostrom” or “Greenwood” or whether the owners are American or Canadian, the mushroom workers of Sunnyside will not be intimidated, will not be silenced, and will not be ignored. Workers at Ostrom voted for a union, and those same workers are now the ones at Greenwood Mushrooms. The workers’ organizing committee remains active and will continue the fight for their union to be recognized.

All are invited to join their action on Tuesday, April 18.

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