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Seattle City Workers Rally for #RSPCT on Sept. 19

SEATTLE — The Seattle Coalition of City Unions (CCU) is hosting a major City Workers Rally for #RSPCT from 3:30 to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 19 on the steps of Seattle City Hall, 600 4th Ave. All union members and community supporters are invited to attend and show their support for a #FairContractNow for Seattle’s essential city employees.

TAKE A STANDRSVP that you plan to attend!

The coalition unions have been in negotiations for nearly one year and have still been unable to settle on a fair contract. The CCU have delivered a 50-foot petition containing the names of nearly 6,000 city workers, union members and community allies. But months later, city workers still lack a fair contract.

Crosscut recently reported:

Persistent worker shortages loom large as the City of Seattle and its employees wrangle over union contract negotiations. The vacancies can be found all around city departments. There aren’t enough lifeguards to keep every beach and pool open, enough mechanics to maintain the city’s vehicle fleets, enough IT professionals to deal with every employee’s tech problems…

Workers say the turnover and lingering vacancies are rooted in pay and safety, and have made those issues central to ongoing negotiations between the city of Seattle and the unions representing city workers.

Last month, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell reportedly showed up in-person to a negotiating session to reassure employees that the city is committed to raising wages. A month later, still no contract.

Now city workers and their employees will step up the pressure on the steps of Seattle City Hall on Tuesday, Sept. 19. RSVP to join them!

The CCU are fighting for a contract that prioritizes RSPCT: Racial Equity, Safety, Pay and Affordability, Climate Justice, and Time/Work-Life Balance. The coalition represents Seattle city workers from 11 unions, including PROTEC17, LiUNA Local 242, AFSCME Council 2, Local 104, Seattle Dispatchers Guild, Sheet Metal Workers Local 66, IBEW Local 46, IAM District 160, Teamsters 117, Teamsters 763, and IATSE Local 15.

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