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How you can support the UAW strikers

DETROIT (Sept. 25, 2023) — President Joe Biden announced Friday that he will visit a Detroit picket line to support members of the United Auto Workers on strike against the Big Three automakers — General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis. It’s an unprecedented action for a U.S. president and it underscores what’s at stake for the American labor movement in this growing national “Stand Up” strike.

Here’s how you, too, can show your solidarity with the UAW’s strikers:

JOIN A PICKET LINE Here is a map showing all Big Three jobs sites and which ones are on strike. The only location near Washington state is the Stellantis – Portland Parts Depot (UAW Local 492) at 10030 S W Allen Blvd. in Beaverton, Oregon.

On Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 1:15 p.m., all union members and community supporters in the area are invited to a Big Three Solidarity Rally at the Beaverton picket location, 10030 SW Allen Blvd.

“We invite and encourage everyone who supports our cause to join us on the picket line from our friends and family families, all the way up to the president of the United States,” UAW President Shawn Fain said. “We invite you to join us in our fight. The way you can help is to build our movement and show the companies that the public stands with us.”

SIGN THE ALL-IN PETITION — Sign the UAW “All-In” petition and share it on social media.

MAKE A CALL — Call 1-318-300-1249 to leave a message for the CEOs of Ford, GM, and Stellantis and tell them UAW members deserve the same 40% raise they got over the last four years.

STAY CURRENT — Visit for the latest news on the fight to make things right at the Big Three. Also, follow the UAW on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler said:

“This fight isn’t just about autoworkers and their families, this is about creating a future where everyone can prosper. Gone are the days of corporations running roughshod over workers with impunity. We’re fed up and ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure companies give us the basic respect on the job we deserve, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.”

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