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See ‘Americonned’ or schedule screening for your organization

(Sept. 19, 2023) — If you have not yet watched the documentary Americonned, now is the time.

Americonned is an award-winning feature film about income inequality in the U.S. and its tragic destabilizing effects on Americans. Deep inequality has led to radicalization at every level of society, and this powerful documentary depicts what happens when America hits its tipping point by looking back through its history at similar critical moments of instability. The film follows the creators of the new labor movement and their battle to take back the path to the middle class.


In July, Americonned director Sean Claffey addressed the 2023 Convention of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO. He told delegates he didn’t set out to make a film about unions, but as he documented the struggles of low-income and working-class Americans, he soon realized that unions are the only answer to this country’s increasing economic and social inequalities. He challenged delegates to rise to that task.

“We stand in the shoulders of giants, so let’s become giants,” Claffey said.

WSLC delegates had the opportunity to watch the film at a special screening at convention. If your union or organization would like to schedule a screening, click here.

If you and your family want to see all the options of how to watch and share this film, check out the Americonned Linkree. And after you watch it, make sure to give the film a great review on Rotten Tomatoes.

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