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Starbucks customers, allies plan Day of Action on Sept. 14

Join leafleting actions (or lead your own) to support Starbucks workers


SEATTLE (Sept. 7, 2023) — Since December 2021, more than 8,500 Starbucks workers have joined together in unions at 350-plus stores, including 22 stores — and counting — in Washington state. For nearly two years, employees have been calling for Starbucks to uphold the forward-thinking values it claims to hold by respecting workers’ fundamental right to organize and bargaining a fair contract.

Despite the power that workers have built, their support from the community, and their eagerness to engage with the company, Starbucks management continues to use aggressive tactics to obstruct the employees’ efforts to make improvements in their workplace.

It’s time for us to step up our participation in this fight.

TAKE A STAND — Starbucks customers and workers’ allies will hold their next Day of Action on Thursday, Sept. 14. Leafleting events are planned at multiple Starbucks throughout Washington state, including several in the Seattle area. Check this map to find an event at a Starbucks store near you and make plans to join in. Or sign up to lead an event in your community!

On Aug. 7, more than 1,000 customers and allies held leafleting events at 332 Starbucks stores nationwide to connect with other customers about all of the ways the company is mistreating its employees. It was just the first of a series of national Days of Action to activate customers and allies to hold Starbucks accountable and demand the company lives up to its progressive values.

Find a Sept. 14 leafleting event near you or offer to create a new one. Together, we’ll send the message that we won’t let up until Starbucks quits union busting and starts respecting worker rights!

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