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Tell Congress: Don’t cut family-supporting programs

The following is from the AFL-CIO:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Oct. 19, 2023) — Working people can all see the chaos in Congress as House Republicans attempt to choose a Speaker—but we shouldn’t let that distract us. No matter who’s in charge, extreme Republican politicians have made it their goal to funnel our hard-earned money to wealthy donors and big corporations at the expense of working families.

TAKE A STAND — We need your help to urge Congress to say “no” to extreme budget cuts that could hurt workers. Please add your name and/or call 1-938-800-0430 to tell your member of Congress: No cuts to family-supporting programs!

Here are the top 10 cruel cuts proposed by right-wing extremists in Congress:

1. Rip $750 million away from Head Start programs, meaning 82,000 children will lose access to Head Start.

2. Cut 80% of programs that impact 26 million low-income students, slashing 226,000 teacher positions.

3. Eliminate programs that train workers for jobs and provide entry into the workforce for millions of workers.

4. Slash funding to the Women’s Bureau at the Department of Labor.

5. Cut nearly $100 million to the National Labor Relations Board, funding that holds big corporations accountable.

6. Cut substantial funding to agencies that protect our health and safety on the job.

7. Repeal parts of the Inflation Reduction Act, cutting $103 billion and causing the immediate stoppage of infrastructure projects that help local communities.

8. Gut transportation funds that are building the infrastructure to make commuting more accessible and affordable and create hundreds of thousands of good jobs.

9. Slash critical safety resources while rebuilding low-income housing with little regard to health hazards and toxins, threatening the health of thousands of children.

10. Drastically reduce funds to programs that tackle poverty by providing nutrition to millions of families and children.

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