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Union training programs win support from WA Jobs Initiative

OLYMPIA (Dec. 12, 2023) — The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC), Employment Security Department, and Career Connect Washington (CCW) announced Monday the winners of the Washington Jobs Initiative Sectoral Partnerships. Among the recipients are the Machinists Institute (IAM District 751), Construct a Career (Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council), and the Healthcare Apprenticeship Consortium (SEIU Healthcare 1199NW Multi-Employer Training and Education Fund).

WSAC and CCW received $23 million in support from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration’s Good Jobs Challenge grant to create the Washington Jobs Initiative, which helps Washington residents connect to good jobs through registered apprenticeships and other technical training programs. The initiative leverages CCW’s existing system to coordinate efforts across the state and ensure a focus on equity and diversity.

Eight sectoral partnerships were awarded funds totaling nearly $17 million to train and place nearly 3,000 Washingtonians into good jobs with a family-sustaining wage in five key industries: Construction; Healthcare; Advanced Manufacturing & Aerospace; Clean Technology & Energy; and Information Technology & Cybersecurity.

Sectoral Partnership Backbone Organization Industry Sector Award Job Placements
Aerospace and Manufacturing Sector Partnership Machinists Institute Advanced Manufacturing & Aerospace $2,000,000 275
Construct A Career WSBCTC Construction $2,500,000 515
Healthcare Talent Pipeline Spokane WDC Healthcare $2,000,000 350
JumpStart King County Clean Technology & Energy $598,000 80
Manufacturing WORKS WorkForce Central & AJAC Advanced Manufacturing & Aerospace $1,770,000 380
Pierce Spokane Construction WORKS WorkForce Central Construction $1,225,000 220
TRIAGE SEIU Healthcare Healthcare $2,000,000 400
Washington Technology Workforce Coalition Computing for All Information Technology & Cybersecurity $4,875,000 1,000

“With this additional funding, our partners will be able to help Washington residents prepare for and secure good jobs with career potential that they otherwise might not have known about or had access to,” says Michael Meotti, executive director of WSAC. “Career Connect Washington is earning a national reputation for creating new ‘earn & learn’ pathways to successful futures.”

“The work of these sectoral partnerships will greatly enhance Career Connect Washington’s progress on providing new pathways to careers, especially for those farthest from opportunity,” says Maud Daudon, executive leader of CCW. “Career Connect Washington’s strong coalition of employers, educators, labor leaders, and community partners stand ready to sustain these new programs as a permanent part of the career connected learning landscape, making sure many thousands more people can benefit beyond these initial placements.”

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