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Register now for 2024 Labor and Immigration Summit on March 23

SEATTLE — The Labor and Immigration Committee of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO is proud to announce the 2024 Labor and Immigration Summit will take place on Saturday, March 23 at Machinists District 751 in Seattle.

The WSLC’s 2019 Resolution on Immigration and the Labor Movement called on the federation to build programs, training, and toolkits to support immigrant workers. This summit will focus on the intersections of labor rights and immigrant rights in our work to build an inclusive labor movement for all working people.

All are invited to register now for this Summit. It’s free; there is no registration fee. Also please download, share and post this save-the-date flyer (in English and en Español).

Organizers and participants will work to:

●  Invest in the leadership development of immigrant and refugee workers through skills, education, and motivational workshops.

●  Provide education about the needs and realities of immigrant union members and how the union can best support its members and future members.

●  Strengthen solidarity among immigrant and refugee workers across unions and industries.

●  Generate commitments from allies to take action that will strengthen solidarity among all members within our unions and the labor movement.

As our nation continues to deal with issues stemming from poverty, oppression and racism, and escalating attacks on immigrant and refugee workers in our country; harmful immigration rhetoric continues to be used as a dividing wedge within our unions and within our communities, weakening the solidarity and power of working people to obtain dignity, justice and democracy.

Anti-immigrant sentiments rooted in racism is an affront to Washington’s labor movements values, and a clear threat to worker solidarity. The WSLC and its affiliated unions will continue to reject policies that tear workers and families apart, and advocate for policies that support immigrant and refugee working families.


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