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WSLC ‘stronger, more inclusive’ with SEIU 775 affiliation

SEATTLE (Jan. 26, 2024) –The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO is proud to announce the latest addition to its affiliated unions: SEIU 775, which unites more than 50,000 long-term caregivers to create a better life for themselves and those they care for.

“As SEIU 775 joins the Washington State Labor Council, it’s not just about increased strength; it’s a celebration of our shared commitment to equity and diversity,” said WSLC President April Sims. “In line with our Constitution, we recognize that all workers, regardless of their background, are interconnected. SEIU 775’s dedication to empowering caregivers, many of whom are women and people of color, aligns perfectly with our vision of economic and racial justice. Together, we pledge to share the responsibility for racial justice and equity, working towards transformation in our unions, workplaces, and communities. This partnership makes us stronger and more inclusive, ensuring every worker’s voice is heard and respected.”

Sterling Harders, SEIU 775 President, released the following statement:

“The 50,000 caregivers of SEIU 775 are proud to join more than 600 union locals and councils of the Washington State Labor Council. This is a time of unprecedented worker organizing and strikes, including by Starbucks workers and tech workers in our own backyard. WSLC has been a key backer of this wave of activism through providing both resources and a space for convening. SEIU 775 is excited to formalize our partnership and continue our support of labor organizing across our state.

“We are extremely grateful for the support of the leadership of President April Sims and Secretary Treasurer Cherika Carter. The majority of caregivers are women, and predominately Black women, Indigenous women, women of color and immigrant women. Because of who we are, and who we care for, time and again care work has been left out of laws that protect other healthcare workers. In 2019, we were proud to have President Sims at our local convention to launch our HADit campaign – our groundbreaking work and legislation to address the harassment, abuse and discrimination of caregivers and make the care environment safer for everyone. Lending her voice and support to such vulnerable and often hidden consequence of the isolated and often intimate nature of caregiver’s work, was a powerful moment in solidary. We are proud to lend our support to April and Cherika’s historic leadership as progressive Black women leaders of a state labor council.

“The members of 775 and of the Washington State Labor Council are committed to not just fighting for our own members but for justice for all. We have worked together to win big progressive victories, like the nation’s first $15 minimum wage and statewide paid family leave. We look forward to working alongside the members of the Washington State Labor Council to continue to take on big fights around racial justice, housing, climate, tax fairness, and more.”

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SEIU 775 represents more than 50,000 long-term care workers providing quality home care, nursing home care, and residential services in Washington, Montana, and Alaska. Its mission is to unite the strength of all caregivers, to create a better life for themselves and those they care for, and to lead the way to a more just and equitable world. Learn more at

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