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‘Groundbreaking’ contracts at Homegrown, Catapult NW

Homegrown workers win strike to Bring Syd Back and ratify historic first contract. Catapult NW workers also ratify their contract.


The following is from UNITE HERE Local 8:

SEATTLE (March 14, 2024) — Workers at local sandwich shop Homegrown are celebrating the ratification of their first contract alongside Catapult NW distribution workers who ratified their first contract as well. Homegrown workers also won the strike to get their unfairly fired Homegrown worker Sydney reinstated with back pay.

Homegrown workers at the Redmond location were on strike for more than 100 days and Southcenter Homegrown workers for nearly as long in protest of Redmond worker Sydney being fired after speaking up at a union delegation last October.

“I’m excited to be back at work with a contract and with Sydney, who is key to making this store run,” said Redmond Homegrown worker Kayleigh. “I’m proud of everyone sticking together and taking action.”

At the same time, Homegrown workers have now ratified an incredible first contract. Highlights included raises of $7.25 over the course of the contract and a $20/hour minimum, heat pay, in-store air filtration, tips on all online orders, job security, and access to affordable healthcare insurance.

The heat pay provision will give workers will give workers time-and-a-half when working temperatures rise above 82 degrees and double their rate of pay when temperatures are over 86 degrees. Heat in the workplace was one of the issues Homegrown workers went on strike over in 2022.

“We went on strike over heat in the workplace, and now have a groundbreaking heat pay provision in the contract,” said Mercer Island Homegrown worker Kai. “I’m so proud of what we won together.”

This comes at a time when Florida’s legislature, for example, is moving to ban local jurisdictions from passing workers safety protections related to heat exposure.

Catapult NW workers who pack and deliver food and beverage products to a variety of clients in the Puget Sound area, including independent cafes, hospitals, and educational institutions ratified a first contract that includes $7.50 in raises, guaranteed hours for those who want them, and eligibility for the union healthcare insurance plan.

“Winning this contract is life changing for me,” said Jamai, a Catapult NW driver. “I haven’t had dental or vision insurance my whole adult life and now I have good-quality, union, and affordable healthcare, dental, and vision. I can finally take care of myself and my family. I feel empowered and so proud of everything we won through fighting together!”

UNITE HERE Local 8 President Anita Seth said:

“Catapult and Homegrown workers have shown remarkable dedication and bravery in getting to this victory.  We are thankful for the broad support from the community for their campaign. We’re excited to have a union-represented sandwich and catering company and we encourage everyone to show these workers appreciation by frequenting these businesses.”

In December 2023, the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO had put Catapult NW on its “Do Not Patronize” list after its employees had voted unanimously to call for a boycott of the company. With the ratification of its new contract, Catapult is removed from that list.

The WSLC joins UNITE HERE Local 8 in encouraging union members and community supporters to buy products distributed by Catapult NW, particularly union-made Homegrown sandwiches. Follow this link for Homegrown locations and catering information:


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