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Sign the petition: Health care for Sea-Tac Airport workers

SEATAC, Wash. (March 20, 2024) — Workers at Sea-Tac International Airport workers launched a national movement when they won the nation’s first Fight for $15 back in 2013. Now, workers are uniting again — across race, religion, and background — to win health care for all airport workers.

TAKE A STANDPlease add your name to this petition telling the Port of Seattle that all airport workers deserve health care—no matter their race, country of origin, or who signs their paychecks. The petition reads:

Everyone deserves health care, none more so than the essential workers who have put their lives on the line to keep our country running during the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Airport workers make Sea-Tac work, an airport that is critical to our region’s economy and keeps our state connected to the world. Sea-Tac passenger service workers—a largely Black, brown, multiracial and immigrant workforce—serve on the frontlines of our national aviation system. Cabin cleaners, wheelchair agents, baggage handlers, and ramp agents keep airports running smoothly even through a global pandemic, climate disasters, and busy travel seasons— yet are underpaid and underprotected.

Currently, one-third of Sea-Tac passenger service workers go without health care and another one-third rely on Medicaid to meet their healthcare needs.

Airport workers deserve health care no matter their race, country of origin or who signs their paycheck. Airports in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Newark have already created policies that require employers to provide good, affordable health insurance for all airport workers. The Port of Seattle can do the same, and it’s past time they did.

Please sign the petition to demand the Port of Seattle protect its airport workers and provide them the health care they need and deserve.


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