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Fungi Perfecti workers joining together with LiUNA 252

But the Olympia medicinal mushroom company has responded by hiring costly union-busting firms


OLYMPIA (May 3, 2024) — The on-site workers at Fungi Perfecti, which produces gourmet and medicinal mushrooms marketed as Host Defense Mushrooms, have announced their intention to form a union with Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) Local 252.

But rather than recognizing and respecting these workers’ right to join together free from management interference, the union reports that Fungi Perfecti has responded by hiring the union-busting firms of Littler Mendelson P.C. and the American Labor Group. These firms represent clients such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Starbucks, all of which have faced multiple Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges with the National Labor Relations Board for illegally interfering in their employees’ freedom to unionize.

These firms have attempted to slow the momentum of Fungi Perfecti workers’ organizing drive with typical union-busting tactics like “unrequired” meetings that are heavily encouraged.

“ALG has been distributing anti-union propaganda that, in some cases, are outright lies,” said Derek Sewell, a warehouse worker for Fungi Perfecti. “But we will not be discouraged. It’s just unfortunate that they are spending thousands of dollars on union-busting to try to discourage us rather than investing in making Fungi Perfecti and better and more sustainable place to work.”

LiUNA Local 252 has filed several ULPs against Fungi Perfecti and reports that, unfortunately, more are in the works to protect the workers’ legal right to choose unionization without illegal employer interference.

“The workers at Fungi Perfecti are standing strong throughout these mental assaults and stalling tactics intended to delay the determination of the unit with the NLRB,” said Anthony Johnson, Organizing Director of LiUNA Local 252. “These workers are not discouraged, they are disciplined and prepared. They are fiercely determined to stand together and improve their workplace.”

LiUNA Local 252 encourages union members and community supporters to stand in solidarity with these Fungi Perfecti workers as they form their first-ever bargaining unit.


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