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Wha’happa? Budget now cued up, elections, recalls…



►  In today’s Olympian — Workers’ comp bill passes — The Association of Washington Business supports the plan as a way to limit premium hikes, which had been forecast to jump by double digits for some business sectors this year. Gov. Gregoire said that size of rate hike won’t happen now, but it was not clear how high rates might go. The Washington State Labor Council protested the changes but had not decided yet what its response would be or whether to pursue a ballot measure. (Also see coverage in today’s Seattle Times and Spokesman-Review.)

►  In today’s Kitsap Sun — Washington leaders prepare to push through budget plan — Washington lawmakers reached a tentative agreement on a new state budget Monday and prepared to hurriedly approve the spending plan before their overtime session in Olympia comes to an end. Leaders said they won’t unveil specifics of the compromise until today and hope to pass it through both chambers by Wednesday. That will leave many lawmakers and the public with a chance to briefly review the massive plan. (Also see coverage in today’s Seattle Times.)

EDITOR’S NOTE — That sounds familiar.

►  In today’s News Tribune — Will 30 days be enough? — Republicans in the state Senate checked one major item off their to-do list Monday as an overhaul of the workers’ compensation system headed to the governor. But that’s not enough to guarantee their votes on a budget deal, scheduled for unveiling Tuesday morning.

EDITOR’S NOTE — Here’s a link to the 2010 legislative election results when Washington voted to keep Democrats in the majority of both houses. Just in case somebody has forgotten…




►  In today’s NY Times — Ohio’s Kucinich, losing district, looks very far afield — Representative Dennis J. Kucinich, the liberal Democrat from Cleveland, was a long way from home — 2,000 miles give or take. But he finds plenty of political admirers in Seattle, a stronghold of progressive political thought (EDITOR: if not action). The 64-year-old Kucinich is delicately examining the idea of running for Congress in Washington State next year.

►  In today’s Seattle Times — Denny Heck signals possible run in new 10th CD — The Democrat Denny Heck lost to Republican Jaime Herrera Beutler last year, but political redistricting could give Heck a better shot in 2012. There is a very real possibility that the state’s new 10th U.S. House District could including the Olympia area, where Heck lives.

►  At — Tunnel vote: Legally toothless, politically potent — Legal analysts doubt the outcome of a Aug. 16 vote on a Seattle referendum about the $3.1 billion tunnel to replace the crumbling Alaskan Way viaduct will have much impact on whether the tunnel gets built. However, there are deeper political implications.

►  At AFL-CIO Now — Republicans aiming to take away voting rights in 36 states — Not satisfied with attacking the rights of workers, Republicans in 36 states are going after the most sacred American right—the right to vote.




►  At AFL-CIO Now — Three Wisconsin Republican Senators face recall July 12 — After an unprecedented mass petition effort by unions and religious and community groups, three of the Republicans who steamrolled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s bill to eliminate collective bargaining rights for state employees into law in March will face recall votes on July 12.

►  At Roll Call — AFL-CIO leader gives blessing to disclosure order on donations — AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka says that President Obama’s draft executive order to have government contractors disclose their political contributions is “a good idea.”

►  At Politico — GOP braces for Medicare blowback — This week, an off-year special election in Buffalo and a purely symbolic vote in the Senate might tell Republicans all they need to know about the mercurial politics of Medicare reform.

►  At Politico — Report: Tax dodgers pocketed $24 billion in stimulus funds — Thousands of companies that collected more than $24 billion in stimulus money from the federal government owe hundreds of millions of dollars in back taxes, a federal investigation has found.


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