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Boeing, Machinists team up to oppose I-1125

SEATTLE — The Keep Washington Rolling coalition opposing Initiative 1125 has announced that The Boeing Co. and the Machinists union representing tens of thousands of Boeing workers, have joined together to release a new radio ad explaining the harm I-1125 would do to Washington’s economy. Listen to the ad here:



The ad, paid for by Boeing and running on Seattle stations including KIRO, KOMO, KMPS and KJR features Ross Bogue, vice president for manufacturing at Boeing, and Jim Bearden, representing Machinists Union District Lodge 751.

“We oppose Initiative 1125. It will hurt Washington’s economy by delaying or canceling the transportation improvements we rely on,” Bogue and Bearden say in the 60-second spot.

They point out that last year alone, Boeing drivers logged more than 8.5 million miles on Washington state roads as they moved goods and products to market.

“We count on safe roads to get to and from work, but 1125 will stall critical road safety improvements,” they add. “That’s why The Boeing Company and Aerospace Machinists strongly oppose Initiative 1125. And why we urge you to do the same. Because if 1125 passes, Washington’s economy will pay the price.”

Both Boeing and the Machinists have joined the Keep Washington Rolling coalition, which includes major employers, business and labor leaders, environmental groups, transportation experts and others across the state in opposing I-1125.

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