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Get ballots in TODAY; labor recommends…

The Washington State Labor Council and union organizations across the state have been informing members and their families about labor’s recommendations on initiatives that appear on the ballots now being received by Washington voters. Delegates to the WSLC 2011 Convention In August voted to OPPOSE Initiative 1125 defunding highway and transportation projects, SUPPORT Initiative 1163 training for long-term care workers, and OPPOSE Initiative 1183 deregulating and privatizing liquor sales in Washington.

The WSLC posted on its website a flier for union members explaining each measure, and why labor is making those recommendations. he text of that flier reads:

NO on I-1125: Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1125 is a dangerous and irresponsible initiative that will halt major transportation projects across Washington. It would make Washington the ONLY state to politicize transportation by having politicians set toll rates. Amid a jobs crisis, I-1125 would stall vital projects, mire communities in gridlock, harm freight mobility, and further slow our state’s economic recovery. Bankrolled by one wealthy Bellevue developer, I-1125 is another flawed initiative from Eyman, whose previous transportation measures have either been rejected by voters or rejected by the courts. VOTE NO! (

YES on I-1163: Initiative 1163 restores basic training requirements and federal background checks for long-term care workers, ensuring that seniors and people with disabilities receive safe, quality care. More than 47,000 of our most vulnerable — a large percentage of whom are from communities of color – receive care in their own home, allowing them to maintain their dignity and independence, while saving taxpayer dollars. VOTE YES! (

NO on I-1183: Last year, voters rejected state liquor deregulation — twice. But big corporations are back in 2011, bankrolling another risky initiative to deregulate our liquor laws. Initiative 1183 would allow liquor to be sold in nearly 1,000 mini-marts and gas stations, putting the safety of our communities at risk with more teen access to alcohol and drunk driving. VOTE NO! (

In addition to those recommendations, WSLC delegates voted to endorse Rep. Sharon Wylie (D-49th) in the special election for State Representative in Vancouver.

For more information about these endorsements, contact WSLC Political Director Karen Deal at 206-281-8901.

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