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Unemployed women in building trades: ‘Please remember us’

Jodi Howson is an unemployed electrician in Mt Vernon, WA, who is struggling to make ends meet. She is urging state legislators to pass a bill creating tens of thousands of construction jobs — and many more related jobs — by issuing bonds to invest in public assets.

Jodi represents thousands of women in the construction trades who are struggling in this economy to provide for their families and who want legislators to help her rebuild a secure life for her family.

Listen to her story:



Jodi supports a proposal to stimulate Washington’s economy by issuing $2 billion in general obligation bonds to rebuild our public infrastructure. This will create a significant amount of consumer demand and a significant amount of retail sales tax. For each $1 invested in new construction, the state’s economy generates an additional $1.97 in economic activity statewide. So a $2 billion bond offering would generate $3.97 billion in economic activity across the state.

This will help not just tens of thousands of construction workers like Jodi and a multitude of contractors struggling to stay afloat in this economy, it will also create and support tens of thousands of other jobs that depend on that economic activity.

For more information, contact Rebecca Johnson of the Washington State Labor Council at 360-943-0608.

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