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2012 resolution: Spread the word about us

Happy New Year to all of our faithful readers! If it’s not too late, we’d like to add one more resolution to your 2012 list: Spread the word about The Stand.

Please tell your friends about The Stand and urge them to visit this site and subscribe via email to our week-daily newsletter. “Like” us on Facebook so our fresh postings appear on your news feed. (Plus, share and “like” specific news articles on Facebook.) Subscribe via Twitter and retweet.

And if this Call to Action is beginning to sound like gibberish, help spread the word about The Stand the old-fashioned way: tell people about it! Tell your co-workers, your friends, your family… and everybody else in your address book!

The Stand was launched in May 2011 to provide a progressive populist source of news and opinion, one that is an alternative to the for-profit corporate newspapers and other commercial media that focus on business news and toe the conservative corporate editorial line.

The Stand offers the people’s perspective — so share it with some people.

Thank you.

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