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AFT: ‘Shame’ on Sen. Tom for killing college bill

The following legislative action alert has been distributed Wednesday by AFT Washington regarding HB 2368:

Progress on an important labor and education bill was halted today in the Senate. Sen. Rodney Tom (D-Bellevue) doesn’t want community college faculty or labor to have a voice on Boards of Trustees — or in Olympia!

As the chair of the Senate Higher Education Committee, Sen. Tom has refused to hold a public hearing in his committee on a House-approved bill, HB 2368, which would require that at least one leader of the labor community be included on community college Boards of Trustees.

Despite the efforts of our members, education and labor advocates, and fellow Senators of his committee and caucus, Senator Tom has decided not to give us a fair and equal opportunity to make our case for the importance of this bill. Indeed, he has cancelled his committee meeting on Friday, which is the deadline for moving the bill out of the committee.

This action has singlehandedly killed a bill that creates consistent, well-rounded oversight of the mission of community colleges.

Like any representative who brings the knowledge of their profession or craft to a board, so would members of the labor community bring the perspective of workers’ issues and labor issues. Thanks to Sen. Tom, now that’s not possible.

TAKE A STAND!  If you live in Sen. Rodney Tom’s 48th District (Redmond, Sammamish, Bellevue area), click here to send your senator a message on this issue. If you live outside his district, feel free to click here and compose your own message to Sen. Tom expressing your disappointment about his decision to quash HB 2368.

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