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AFT, supporters aim to Reclaim Promise of Public Education

The following is from AFT Washington:

(Dec. 9, 2013) — The promise of a great public education for all children is under pressure from economic, ideological, political, and societal factors outside school that make it much more difficult to achieve success within the classroom. Nearly one out of every two students in public schools lives in poverty, and there are more homeless families now than there have been at any time since the Great Depression. There has been a systematic decline in funding. In addition, private and political interests want to reform our public education system, taking scarce dollars from existing education funding.

PROMISE-ED-4CToday — Monday, Dec. 9 — a day of action to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education is taking place across the country — community by community. We need everyone’s help: educators, parents, students, civil leaders, and community members. Public education is how we fulfill our collective responsibility to give each and every child an opportunity to succeed. Public education is the “great equalizer” by which all students, regardless of economic, social or cultural background, can achieve their dreams.

“Public education and the labor movement are the most reliable routes to economic and social justice,” said Karen Strickland, president of AFT Washington.

As a community and labor movement, we need to ensure:

► High-quality public education for all children that nurtures a joy of teaching and learning.

► Access to early childhood care and education for all families, including the supports they need.

► Access to affordable and excellent higher education.

► The resources and staffing our hospitals and medical centers need to provide world-class patient care.

► Properly funded and dependable public services and programs that meet the needs of our communities.

► Safeguarding the retirement security for all working women and men.

Let’s put the “public” back in public education. You can join the effort to reclaim the promise at and by signing up here.

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