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Labor conferences set for women, emerging and political leaders

(April 10, 2014) — In the coming months, there are several great opportunities for union members interested in expanding their labor education and developing leadership skills. The deadlines to apply to these conferences and apply for scholarships are fast approaching, so please explore these opportunities for yourself and share them with fellow union members who might be interested.

14-siuw-logoThe Western Regional Summer Institute for Union Women (SIUW) is a five-day residential school designed to empower women as emerging leaders in the labor movement and their communities. This year it will be held July 8-13 at the University of Victoria in Victoria, B.C., Canada.

“Together Women Win” reflects labor’s commitment to providing women with both the skills and strategies to understand the key issues for labor, how that understanding can help women participate in the upcoming elections, and develop greater representation among the leadership within their unions and political institutions. The core courses and workshops provide an opportunity to develop skills as workers, community activists and elected leaders. Information about the Summer Institute, including core classes and workshop choices can be found at:

The Washington State Labor Council Women’s Committee is offering four scholarships to cover the costs of travel, lodging for the length of the conference, and registration fees (which includes most meals). Time loss is not paid. Download the scholarship application form. The deadline for submitting these applications is May 2. For more information, about the scholarships, email Kairie Pierce or call her at 360-943-0608.

Labor-CenterThe 2014 Emerging Leaders Conference, hosted by the Washington State Labor Education and Research Center, will be held May 2-3 in South Seattle. The theme this year is “Building a Movement Powered by Diversity.” The goals for this conference are for participants to gain a greater understanding of the growing diversity of the labor movement and develop the skills they need to play an active role in its future.

Check out the tentative schedule for the conference and download a registration form. Participants without organizational support can apply for scholarships. The registration deadline is Friday, April 18. Please contact the Center for more information.

“Working Democracy: Labor and Politics in an Era of Labor Inequality,” a conference dedicated to labor’s response to growing inequality and the contemporary crisis of democracy, will be held Friday, April 25 from 1 to 9 p.m. at the University of Washington’s Student Union Building (HUB) in Seattle. A project of UW’s Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, this important conference will bring together activists, scholars, labor and community leaders to seek ways to build the capacity of our political institutions to provide meaningfully democratic response to the growing inequalities in income, wealth, and opportunity.

Visit the conference website to learn more about the agenda.

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