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Sign petition for state tax system that’s fair, stable, accountable

(March 3, 2015) — The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO has joined with dozens of other organizations to participate in Washington United for Fair Revenue, a statewide grassroots campaign in support of new revenues to cover our state’s growing needs, including K-12 public education, long-term care for seniors, and fair compensation for public employees.

Please sign this petition is you agree that it’s time for Washington to replace its archaic revenue system — the least fair in the nation — with a fair, accountable and shared tax system producing stable and sufficient revenues.

For more information, watch this video by Rep. Reuven Carlyle (D-Seattle), Chairman of the House Finance Committee. He outlines Washington’s broken and regressive tax structure; explains how the state’s high reliance on a sales tax has placed an unfair tax burden on its poorest residents, average earners and the state’s small businesses (while letting major industries and international corporations off the hook); and demonstrates how in the past 20 years Washington dropped from 11th to 35th in terms of the combined level of state and local taxes per $1,000 of earnings.


wa-united-for-revenueIf your organization is not among the many participating in Washington United for Fair Revenue and you share its principles, please consider filling out this form to join the campaign.

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