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Local 117 shows ‘What Teamsters Look Like’

what-teamsters-look-like-frontWhat does a Teamster look like?

Like James Borum, a truck driver for Sysco, who raised money to help a co-worker buy cancer treatment equipment.

Like Suzette Dickerson, who worked hard at the King County Prosecutors’ office, then volunteered both as a track coach and at her son’s many school activities.

Like Cid Avellaneda, a USB route salesman, who came here from Peru and now fosters needy children from other countries and takes his family on missions to orphanages.

Like Silvia Washington, who came here from Germany, adopted and raised four children on her own, and who now trains sled dogs when she’s not busy working for the Department of Corrections.

what-teamster-looks-like-logo“What Teamsters Look Like” is a campaign by Teamsters Local 117 to recognize its members who go the extra mile at work to help out fellow employees or to do the best job possible. The union is highlighting and thanking fellow Teamster 117 members who give back to the community, who put in the extra effort at their job, or who have an unusual hobby or a special talent. (Check out the website and “like” the Facebook page.)

Local 117 is urging its members to help recognize and thank fellow Teamsters who work hard, then give back as scout troop leaders, coaches, musicians, artists, civic leaders, community and church volunteers, foster parents, firearms safety instructors, trail maintenance volunteers, after-school tutors, animal rescue volunteers, and so on…

If you are a member of Local 117, post your own pictures and stories today! Plus, show the world what a Teamster looks like by ordering buttons, stickers and car window clings.

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