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Apply for Women’s Committee SIUW scholarships by May 11

15-siuw(May 4, 2015) — Reed College in Portland, Ore., will host the 2015 Western Regional Summer Institute for Union Women (SIUW) on June 23-27. Sponsored by the United Association for Labor Education, the SIUW celebrates the solidarity of union women across boundaries of age, race, and nation with a week of skill building, education, and fun. Rank-and-file union members, staff members, and officers from across the West will gather to share strategies, information, experience, and skills.

The Washington State Labor Council’s Women’s Committee is offering four SIUW scholarships covering tuition, room and board provided at the facility, and reasonable travel expenses. No time loss will be paid. Participants must be able to take vacation or union leave. Download a scholarship application form, which is due by 3 p.m. on day, May 11, along with a 200-word or less letter from the applicant. For more information, contact Women’s Committee staff liaison, Kairie Pierce, at 360-943-0608.

Highlights of the SIUW will include in-depth classes to hone skills and deepen knowledge. Workshops and plenary sessions examine current issues, ranging from politics, to health care, to international solidarity. Cultural events and workshops add richness to the Institute and inspire us to creativity in our union work. The Institute will be held in a beautiful setting on the Reed College campus, Portland, Oregon.

The Summer Institute on Union Women includes four full days of instruction and panel discussions, with activities over a five-day period, from Tuesday, June 23 through Saturday June 27, 2015. Click here for more information, including details on costs and how to register.

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