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Exposing Freedom Foundation’s ‘network of hatred, extremism’

(Nov. 13, 2015) — The following video is from the Northwest Accountability Project.



The Northwest Accountability Project is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization dedicated to educating the public on the issues that enhance the well-being of middle-class families and workers while shining a light on extremism and the moneyed special interests that attempt to bring an agenda of hate and division to Washington and Oregon. With ties to out of state billionaires like the Koch Brothers, groups like the Washington-based Freedom Foundation are pushing a radical agenda that threatens the middle class, our environment, our education, and personal freedom.

The Freedom Foundation, formerly known as the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, is the predominant organization waging war on working families and supporting an extremist agenda in the Northwest. The foundation is closely linked with the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) which helped write and promote extremist “model bills” ranging from anti-immigrant SB 1070 in Arizona to a range of bills to dismantle voting rights and slash environmental protections. The Freedom Foundation engages in legal and public relations campaigns against labor organizations, their workers, and the middle class values they represent. The Freedom Foundation’s donors include several organizations with deep ties to the Koch Brothers. The Foundation also has financial ties to other groups like the Searle Foundation and the Murdock Charitable Trust that have a history of funding an extremist agenda.

Organizations like the Freedom Foundation call themselves “think tanks” and operate as non-profits, but in reality serve primarily as front groups for extremist donors who oppose raising the minimum wage, quality education, paid sick leave, LGBT rights, and women’s reproductive rights. The Northwest Accountability Project is working to expose The Freedom Foundation’s mission and its network of hatred and extremism. The Freedom Foundation must reveal their true agenda and stop lying to the public.

It is time to tell the Koch Brothers, the Murdock Charitable Trust, the Freedom Foundation and their allies that their extremist agenda is not welcome in the Northwest. Take action by signing up on our website.

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