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Tell T-Mobile: Stop retaliating against workers who speak out

T-Mobile_Angela-AgganisBELLEVUE, Wash. (Nov. 17, 2015) — While working at a T-Mobile US call center, Angela Agganis (pictured at right) filed a sexual harassment complaint against her supervisor. What the company did next was outrageous: T-Mobile threatened to fire Angela if she discussed the situation with her coworkers and then tried to pressure her into signing a nondisclosure agreement. Not wanting to be silenced, she resigned and contacted her union, T-Mobile Workers United (TU). Together they went to the National Labor Relations Board, and T-Mobile was found guilty of violating her rights.

But T-Mobile only had to rescind that unlawful policy at Angela’s call center. The rest of T-Mobile’s 46,000 employees don’t know they have the right to speak to each other and seek assistance from others about workplace issues like sexual harassment.

That’s why Angela continues to fight. She’s filed a lawsuit. And she’s launched petitions calling on T-Mobile and its German parents company Deutsche Telekom, which is partially owned by the German government, to change its unlawful policies that silence workers.

TAKE A STAND — All union members and community supporters are invited to join a coalition of union members, workers’ rights activists and community allies on Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 4 p.m. as they deliver the 15,000 signatures on Angela’s petition to T-Mobile’s corporate headquarters, 12920 SE 38th St. in Bellevue.


T-Mobile Workers United (TU) is an organization of T-Mobile and MetroPCS employees joining together for a voice and fair treatment at T-Mobile US / MetroPCS. They are hundreds of call center reps, retail associates and technicians and we come together as TU to support each other, discuss the issues and challenges we face, and work towards positive change at T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS. Click here for more information.

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