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Thursday, July 28, 2016




clinton-hillary► From The Hill — Unions want one thing from Hillary tonight: A stake in TPP’s heart — Labor unions want Hillary Clinton to put a stake in the heart of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal once and for all on Thursday, when she accepts the Democratic nomination for president at the party’s national convention. Doing so would cement a significant break for Clinton with President Obama, and labor officials believe it would kill any chance of moving the pact in a lame-duck Congress after the election.

► In today’s Bellingham Herald — Sanders encourages Washington delegates to build Democratic Party — “We have an enormous amount of work to do, and that means keeping our eyes focused on the real issues,” he said at the state’s breakfast on Wednesday. He then rallied Washington’s delegates to defeat Donald Trump.

► In today’s NY Times — Freedom from fear (by Frank Bruni) — President Obama answered Trump’s message of fear with a proclamation of hope as rousing and robust as any I’ve heard. His remarks amounted to one of the most moving, inspiring valentines to this country that I’ve ever heard, brimming with regard for it and gratitude to it.

EDITOR’S NOTE — Here’s the whole thing:


► In today’s Washington Post — A Trump takedown only Joe Biden could deliver — Joe Biden hailed Michelle Obama’s Monday speech as a lock to be the best of this week’s at the convention. And then he may very well have matched it.

EDITOR’S NOTE — Watch this one, too.


► In today’s NY Times — Trump calls for Russia’s help to expose emails Clinton deleted — “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Donald J. Trump said. It was an extraordinary encouragement of a foreign power’s cyberespionage.

putin-trump-on-horse► From The Hill — Trump: Putin’s ‘doing a better job’ than Obama

EDITOR’S NOTE –And just like Vladimir Putin’s Russia, here’s what freedom of the press looks like in Donald Trump’s America…

► In today’s Washington Post — Post reporter barred, patted down by police, at rally for Trump running mate — Donald Trump’s campaign has denied press credentials to a number of disfavored media organizations, including The Washington Post, but on Wednesday, the campaign of his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, went even further. At Pence’s first public event since he was introduced as the Republican vice-presidential candidate two weeks ago, a Post reporter was barred from entering the venue after security staffers summoned local police to pat him down in a search for his cellphone.

► From Time — Dad behind pro-Trump ‘USA Freedom Kids’ plans to sue campaign — The father behind the pro-Donald Trump girl group, which went viral after a performance during a Florida rally earlier this year, now plans to sue the Republican presidential hopeful for violating its agreement with the group.




► In today’s Seattle Times — Attorney general seeks contempt order against Tim Eyman — Attorney General Bob Ferguson on Wednesday asked a Snohomish County Superior Court judge to hold Tim Eyman and his political committees in contempt for failing to turn over documents as part of an investigation into the initiative promoter’s campaign-finance practices. Ferguson also wants the court to fine Eyman and the committees $2,000 a day for each day they fail to comply.




► From PubliCola — New survey documents workers’ scheduling woes — A new report presented at city council member Lisa Herbold’s civil rights committee Tuesday found that schedules of many hourly workers in Seattle are “unstable” and “have a severe and inequitable impact on workers’ lives.”


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