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Tell WSLC what to do: Affiliates should submit resolutions now

WENATCHEE (July 12, 2016) — You say you want a resolution, well you know… you should send it in ASAP.

The 2016 Constitutional Convention of the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, the state’s largest union organization, will be Tuesday, July 19 through Thursday, July 21 at the Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel and Convention Center. But now is the time for the WSLC’s more than 600 affiliated union organizations to submit proposed resolutions for the convention.

To Do ListThese resolutions are a key part not just of the convention, but of the organization itself. It is through the debate and passage of these resolutions that WSLC positions and policies are established. Because this year is a Constitutional Convention, affiliated unions can proposes changes to the very structure of the WSLC by amending its Constitution.

At its 2015 Convention, delegates representing WSLC-affiliated unions approved resolutions in support of paid sick leave and raising the minimum wage (which led to advocacy for Initiative 1433), in support of censuring Washington’s members of Congress who voted for Fast Track trade promotion authority for the TPP, and important resolutions on climate change policy and race issues within the labor movement, among many other things.

The WSLC Constitution says proposed resolutions should be submitted 30 days prior to convention, which has long passed. However, “late” resolutions are routinely accepted until the first day of convention and will still be considered by delegates. That said, affiliates are urged to submit proposed resolutions now, or at the earliest possible time, to facilitate reproduction and distribution to the convention body.

The resolutions are first referred to various committees that meet Tuesday afternoon, the first day of convention, to consider whether to recommend changes or corrections. Debate and voting on the resolutions, and any committee amendments, will begin Thursday morning.

For more information or to submit a proposed resolution, email Jan Hays or call her at 206-281-8901 ext. 4912.

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