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Support UW English Language Faculty at picket on Nov. 14

SEATTLE — AFT UW English Language Faculty 6486 has been in protracted bargaining with the University of Washington for 20 months. With university administrators now threatening to impose their terms, the union encourages all area union members and community supporters to attend an informational picket this Wednesday, Nov. 14 at UW Seattle to demonstrate labor’s solidarity.

“We are fighting for a fair and equitable contract that allows us to grow professionally, that rewards the extra work we do, and that brings us up to parity with our peers doing the same work,” said AFT 6486 Co-President Richard Moore. “We have yet to reach an agreement due to the university’s unwillingness to schedule consistent bargaining dates, unwillingness to meet face-to-face, and lack of responsiveness. In fact, the money that the UW has spent on fighting our union has far outstripped what we are asking for.”

On Oct. 30, the university attempted to give its last best final offer and has threatened implementation if the union does not accept it.

“It appears that this has been their goal all along and fits in with their dragging out the bargaining process for so long,” Moore said. “We have one remaining bargaining date that has been scheduled. We are a small local facing a huge employer with all the financial and legal resources at their disposal, but we refuse to be cowed. We need as much support as we can now to secure a fair contract.”

TAKE A STAND — Show your solidarity with these UW faculty members by joining them for an informational picket from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 14 on Red Square on the UW Seattle campus to demand that the university settle a fair contract with the English Language Faculty. If you cannot make it, send a message of support by signing this petition.

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