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WSLC staffer Janet Hays retires after 46-year labor career

SEATTLE (Dec. 19, 2018) — Today is the final workday for longtime Washington State Labor Council staffer Janet Hays. She is retiring after 24 years of service at the WSLC — including the last eight as Executive Assistant to WSLC President Jeff Johnson — and 46 years in the labor movement.

“Janet Hays is a true working class hero,” said WSLC President Jeff Johnson, who also is retiring at year’s end. “She is a dedicated union member, does not suffer fools lightly, is an excellent editor, and has some of the best snark in the business. She has made my life so much simpler and better these last eight years. Her contributions to the WSLC will not be forgotten. We love you, Jan.”

Janet began her career in organized labor in June 1972 when she went to work for William J. Olwell at Retail Clerks Union (now United Food and Commercial Workers Union) Local 1001 in Seattle. She started out as a file clerk, filing members’ ledger cards and mailing back dues booklets. When the union shifted to computer records in 1975, Janet became lead computer operator, a position she held for 10 years. In 1985, she became lead assistant to the Negotiating, Grievance, Health Care, and Organizing Departments, as well as Administrative Assistant to the Secretary/Treasurer.

In July 1994, after 22 years with UFCW Local 1001, she joined the WSLC staff as Administrative Assistant to President Rick Bender, and has served in that position ever since throughout the tenures of both Bender and Johnson. Janet has been a member of Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 8 for more than 40 years. She is a second generation Seattleite and grew up in West Seattle, where she still resides.

“It has been my honor and privilege to spend the last quarter century (well, just about) of my life at the Washington State Labor Council,” Janet said in a statement released today. “I truly treasure my time here and so appreciate the hard work and dedication of all of my colleagues. I have met and worked with some very memorable people during my time in the labor movement and will miss each and every one of them. Thanks for all the life lessons and examples of selflessness, compassion and strength. Power to ALL the People!”

POINT OF PERSONAL PRIVILEGE — The Entire Staff of The Stand™ wishes Janet a happy and well-deserved retirement. Among her many talents and responsibilities at the WSLC was her service as Unofficial Proofreader of The Stand, pointing out spelling and grammar mistakes as quickly as we could post them online. The reason why you have never seen any such mistakes — or hardly ever seen them — is due to her diligence. So, what we’re saying, is things could get pretty sloppy around here with her retirement. Happy trails, Janet. You — and you’re editing skills — will be missed!

(That last one was just for you.)

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