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Letter carriers: Our link to the outside world

NALC heroes are delivering. Tell Congress to deliver funding for USPS.


WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 26, 2020) — In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Postal Service is providing an essential service, and letter carriers are recognized as heroes for delivering during this crisis. Millions of people are in isolation or quarantine in their homes and disconnected from jobs, friends and family. They are depending on letter carriers to be their link to the outside world by bringing needed supplies, documents and medications.


The National Association of Letter Carriers has launched the “Heroes Delivering” campaign to raise awareness of the critical work being done by USPS and its employees, and to urge Congress to provide temporary financial relief to USPS, which has seen a sharp decline in letter mail volume from the coronavirus-related economic shutdown.

TAKE A STAND — The USPS is playing a critical role for our nation, particularly in the time of COVID-19. USPS is in danger of running out of money within months, threatening a disruption in service and a loss of income to letter carriers. Americans from all walks of life need politicians in Washington to step up to support the Postal Service and its letter carriers. Take action at and urge your representatives and senators to support immediate funding for our U.S. postal workers.


Letter carriers are under tremendous stress at work and at home from putting themselves out in public, delivering mail and packages to every house and business in the country. For many NALC members, much about the way that they work — from preparing to report to the office in the morning to returning from work at night — has changed dramatically.

While there have been a number of new memoranda of understanding and stand-up talks that change the way letter carriers are required to perform their work, each office is unique. So, NALC’s The Postal Record asked letter carriers what the “new normal” is for a day in the life of a letter carrier. Their answers — posted at — help paint a portrait of how much has changed and what makes letter carriers tick.

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