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Labor must step up to defend democracy

We’ve got one week to make sure Joe Biden, other champions for workers are elected



(Oct. 27, 2020) — Our labor movement fights for a better life for all of America’s working people. We want our elected leaders to do the same and to advance legislation that builds a fairer economy and a more just society for everyone. Joe Biden has stood with and fought for working people every day of his career in public office. Donald Trump stands only with the wealthy and well-connected.

Working people in Washington state are joining FUNBanks everyday over the next week because we want an economy that works for all people of colors and backgrounds. Join us and sign up for a FUNBank shift to text or call union voters across the state.

Waking up this morning, I know what we witnessed last night with the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court was rough. The process was neither thoughtful nor fair, and didn’t give the U.S. Senate any time to make deliberative consideration of Amy Coney Barrett’s record before her lifetime appointment to the highest court of our land. What Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) did was offensive and violated any sense of fairness and non-partisanship, which should be the hallmark of filling an appointment to the Supreme Court. In this moment, the Senate should be focused on addressing the health, economic, and civil justice challenges that face our nation, but last night under McConnell’s leadership, they didn’t.

So, family, we can’t hang our heads in dismay. Over the next week we’ve got to show up big to elect champions for working people up and down the ballot. The work we do to mobilize our co-workers, our family, and our friends to vote and support candidates who will support working people is how we win and defend democracy.

Voting is simple, easy, safe, and reliable. If you haven’t voted yet, please make a plan to vote today. Voting is important, so the AFL-CIO has created a website here where you can check your voter registration status and get the information you need to vote, including drop box locations, and find the resources you need to vote securely and on time. Use this link to make a plan to vote, and share with three friends. Join with more than 2.2 million Washingtonians and 62 million Americans across the country who’ve already cast their votes in the 2020 Election and make a plan to vote today.

We are one week away from Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3, and the clock is winding down. This election, the most important election of our lives, is going to be close. We know there is nothing more powerful than a united labor movement. Joe Biden is going to be the next president because union members are going to deliver for our country once again.

Over the next week we’ve got to step up our game, show up for a proven champion and run up the score. We know Joe. He is pro-worker. Pro-union. Pro-America. He’s everything Donald Trump pretends to be, wishes he could be and will never be.

Sign up for a Labor Neighbor FUNBank shift or three over the next week and join me as we leave it all on the field and WIN, MOBILIZE, and DEFEND democracy. I’ll see you at a FUNBank soon!

Cherika Carter is Political and Strategic Campaigns Director for the Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO. Cherika can be reached at

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