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Urge Congress to back FAIR Act raises for federal workers

The following is from the AFL-CIO:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Feb. 14, 2023) — It’s no secret that federal employee pay lags behind the private sector. That’s why members of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) are fighting for an 8.7% raise.

TAKE A STAND — Please take one minute to send a letter to lawmakers telling them to support our union Brothers, Sisters and Siblings and pass the Federal Adjustment of Income Rates (FAIR) Act.

It’s critical that lawmakers co-sponsor the FAIR Act, which would authorize an average 8.7% pay raise for federal employees in 2024. Federal wages and salaries need a substantial adjustment both to restore the living standards of federal employees and to help agencies recruit and retain a federal workforce capable of carrying out the crucial missions of our government.

Not only are federal employees paid less than their counterparts in the private sector and state and local governments, but their wages and salaries do not begin to keep up with the cost of living.

Tell your lawmakers to show support for the folks who keep our federal government running by co-sponsoring the FAIR ACT.


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