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Support fair wages for workers at Hotel Murano in Tacoma

TACOMA (June 20, 2023) — Workers and their families at the Hotel Murano in downtown Tacoma are fighting for a fair contract that includes much-needed raises and affordable health care to keep up with the rising cost of living. Housekeepers, cooks, servers and bartenders who are hourly employees at the Murano are currently some of the lowest paid hotel workers in the Tacoma area.

Mayra, who has been a restaurant server at Bite in the hotel for the last 14 years, said:

“I am very happy that we have made significant progress on maintaining our Union medical. Winning this means that I can keep me and my family healthy through sickness and medical emergencies. While I rely on tips to make a living, my coworkers in the kitchen and in housekeeping deserve fair pay. They work so hard and dedicate themselves to making the hotel one of the best places to stay in Tacoma. Please support us as we continue to fight for better pay!

TAKE A STAND — UNITE HERE Local 8 is asking community supporters of the hotel workers to sign this petition urging Hotel Murano and Benchmark/Pyramid to value their workers!

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