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Verity Credit Union workers are organizing with CWA

Sign solidarity petition urging management to stay neutral


SEATTLE (Oct. 24, 2023) — Employees of Verity Credit Union in Seattle have announced that they are forming a union with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) as part of the union’s Committee for Better Banks project. The workers are frustrated by pay inequities and limited opportunities for advancement at Verity and are concerned about possible limits on remote work.

Three Verity workers shared their stories at last week’s MLK Labor delegates’ meeting.

“Our whole goal of starting this union has been to make Verity a better place to work,” Verity call center representative Jessica Ufland told American Banker. “If you’re going to say that ‘people come before the bottom line’ is a part of your values, I think it’s important that your actions back that up.”

CWA reports that management has launched an anti-union campaign at the credit union, including illegally restricting the distribution of leaflets. So Verity employees are seeking community support to protect their freedom to join together in a union without harassment or coercion from management.

TAKE A STAND — MLK Labor has created this petition to Verity Credit Union management expressing solidarity with Verity workers. Please sign it today! It reads:

I stand in solidarity with the workers at Verity Credit Union who are organizing a union to improve their working conditions and strongly urge Verity management to respect this right by not interfering, coercing or retaliating against any employee who is exercising their right of freedom of association.

By taking a neutral position towards its workers establishing a collective voice, Verity can fulfill its values of socially responsible banking that place people and the planet above the bottom line. When workers collectively bargain for fair treatment and compensation, all stakeholders will benefit, including the 40,000 members of Verity Credit Union.

Thank you for standing with the Verity Credit Union workers!


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