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IBEW 46 LE electricians vote down offer

Limited Energy electricians reject offer that would’ve stripped strike power

SEATTLE, WA (June 12, 2024) — IBEW 46 Limited Energy electricians voted to reject the National Electrical Contractors Association’s latest offer by nearly 90% in results announced late afternoon on June 11, with approximately 80% of the unit voting. Electricians stood strong and shot down a deal that would have stripped the workers of the ability to strike. 

After months of negotiations – and NECA’s delays – including more than eight weeks on strike, management pushed a contract offer that made some wage improvements while hacking away at labor rights, including limiting workers’ voices in their own workplace and contract processes, and bargaining away the workers’ right to strike. The offer was not recommended by the bargaining committee. 

Despite the economic pressure of a months-long strike, LE electricians said no. As our IBEW 46 siblings head back to the table and keep up their picket lines, they need our support now more than ever. 

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JOIN A PICKET LINE between 6am-2pm:

  • Evergreen – 3623 East Marginal Way S., Seattle
  • Cochran Headquarters – 12500 Aurora Ave N., Seattle
  • Cochran Field Office – 8345 154th Ave NE, Redmond

CALL NECA @ (206) 284-2150 and urge them to settle a fair contract now. 

Since January, IBEW 46 has been bargaining for better wages, paid holidays, and a fair contract for LE electricians to replace the one that expired on March 31, and was subsequently extended for 10 days. When NECA negotiators refused to make any movement from their rejected contract offer, the LE electricians went on strike against NECA effective April 11, unless they are working on a job site covered by a Project Labor Agreement/Community Workforce Agreement. Since then, some individual contractors have been separating from NECA and have been removed from IBEW 46’s strike list. 

LE electricians install and maintain multiple life-safety systems, such as fire and security alarms, building access and HVAC controls, computers, phones, emergency radios, and more. However, they are paid significantly less that other Puget Sound-area unionized electricians and NECA negotiators have refused to grant them something that most workers have: paid holidays.

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