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IATSE and AMPTP reach TA

The ratification vote starts July 14

PORTLAND, OR (July 3, 2024) — IATSE, the union representing film and television employees in Hollywood and nation-wide, has reached tentative agreements with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) on two contracts, one covering primarily workers in Hollywood and one covering workers nation-wide, including IATSE members here in Washington State.

The Basic Agreement covers the IATSE Locals that are in Hollywood for film & television, as well as a few of the national IATSE Motion Picture Locals. The Area Standards Agreement (ASA) covers most of the country for film & television work, and is the agreement covering IATSE 488, a PNW local covering workers in Oregon and Washington State. IATSE 488 Business Agents Melissa Purcell and Sierra Bay Robinson participated in the ASA negotiations, along with representatives from nearly two dozen IATSE locals.

In a statement to the membership, the negotiating committee thanked members for their commitment to the bargaining process. “From start to finish, your input was invaluable and ensured that our Negotiations Committee was at the bargaining table with clear goals and a consensus for how to achieve them.”

The tentative agreement includes nearly 15% raises over the three year term of the contract along with additional regional wage adjustments, improvements to pay structure and earned benefits, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) provisions intended to protect against AI infringement of protected work. AI protections have been a central issue in contract negotiations across the film & television industry, as studios flirt with using the technology to replace workers while simultaneously training AI on those workers’ work product, or body and appearance.

Now, members covered by the contracts will meet in a jurisdictional and a national Town Hall  to learn more about the agreements and review M.O.A. language. The Area Standards Agreement ratification vote will take place from July 14 – July 17.

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