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The following is from the AFL-CIO:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 10, 2022) — Union members worked together across the labor movement to win many important victories for working people last year. We secured historic funding and investment in our nation’s infrastructure, saved our pensions, helped striking workers secure better contracts and unleashed a wave of union organizing. We kept our country moving forward through a global pandemic.

But there’s still so much we can do together. Passing pro-worker laws will strengthen us at the bargaining table so we can care for ourselves and our families.

Union members need to be talking to each other about the issues so we can work together to advance our shared agenda. That’s why we’re asking: “What do you care about?” Please fill out the survey and together we can improve the lives of working people across the country!


The Stand (May 3) — AFL-CIO on inflation: Good jobs, wages are the solution — Workers are frustrated and worried. A big part of their concern now is that rising costs are eating into their paychecks. In 2021 alone, prices went up by 7.1 percent. But the AFL-CIO wants to make one thing clear: increasing wages for workers isn’t causing inflation. America’s unions want to set the record straight on what’s really causing inflation, and to start promoting solutions that will effectively address rising prices.

TAKE A STAND — Download, share and post this AFL-CIO flyer — versión en Español aquí — that lays out the real reasons for the skyrocketing cost of living, and what union members can do to create a better economy.

CHECK OUT THE UNION DIFFERENCE in Washington: higher wages, affordable health and dental care, job and retirement security.

FIND OUT HOW TO JOIN TOGETHER with your co-workers to negotiate for better wages, benefits, and a voice at work. Or go ahead and contact a union organizer today!