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Tell Congress: Fund the federal government

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Feb. 29, 2024) — Today, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives again did what it has repeatedly done: pass a short-term measure to avoid a partial government shutdown this weekend. This time, they only funded government agencies for another week, setting up another game of shutdown chicken with new funding deadlines of March 8 and March 22.

Instead of passing full-year funding measures, Republicans in Congress keep trying to attach unpopular policies, such as further restricting reproductive freedom and establishing “debt commissions” that seek to cut earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare.

Enough is enough.

Federal government workers provide essential public services that keep us safe, protect our environment, serve our veterans, build our infrastructure, and much, much more. Congress needs to do its job and pay the bills.

TAKE A STAND — The American Federation of Government Employees is asking all union members and community supporters to send a message to U.S. Representatives: No more Continuing Resolutions (CRs) that kick the can down the road. Enact clean, responsible annual spending bills ­that are free of extraneous social policy riders and benefit-slashing debt commissions.

The constant threat of shutdowns erodes the American people’s confidence in government and diminishes America’s reputation around the world. CRs are no solution. Spending priorities change from one year to the next; it is wasteful and counterproductive to continue funding all of last year’s initiatives while Congress continues to bicker and new priorities are overlooked. Our government has much important work to do.

Please send your U.S. Representative a message today urging them to stop playing games and approve full-year funding for the federal government.

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