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Got ballot? Check out labor’s endorsements

(Oct. 20, 2017) — Ballots for the November election were mailed this week by Washington’s county auditors. Union members and their families are urged to fill their ballots out and return them right away — before they get lost in your houses somewhere.

The Washington State Labor Council, AFL-CIO has made the following endorsements in this fall’s special elections for the State Legislature (follow the links for more information on each):

LD 7 Senate — Karen Hardy (D)
LD 7 Representative — Susan Swanson (D)
LD 31 Senate — Phil Fortunato (R) and Michelle Rylands (D) dual endorsement
LD 31 Representative — Morgan Irwin (R)
LD 37 Senate — Rebecca Saldaña (D)
LD 45 Senate — Manka Dhingra (D)
LD 48 Senate — Patty Kuderer (D)
LD 48 Representative — Vandana Slatter (D)

For information about county, city or other municipal candidates, check out these Central Labor Council endorsements:

M.L. King County Labor Council
North Central Washington Central Labor Council
Pierce County Central Labor Council
Snohomish County Labor Council
Spokane Regional Labor Council

If your council isn’t listed here, contact your local Central Labor Council to see if they have any election recommendations.

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