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Verizon workers seek union with CWA in Everett, Lynnwood

EVERETT, Wash. (March 8, 2022) — The following statement is from @VZWUnion (CWA):

Today, nearly eight years after workers in Brooklyn’s Verizon retail stores voted to unionize, another crack formed in Verizon’s anti-union wall. As we’ve seen from Starbucks workers, a few stores is all it takes to start a tidal wave of workers realizing that unionizing is the best way to stand up for themselves. Verizon workers unionizing is a nightmare for every anti-union executive: we’re young, tech-savvy, and our job is to talk to people convincingly. And now, we’re talking about solidarity.

Right now, we’re asking Verizon to save themselves the millions of dollars involved in a drawn-out anti-union campaign and voluntarily recognize that the Lynnwood and Everett stores have joined the Communication Workers of America. We’re fed up with wages that don’t keep up with inflation, understaffing, and management that doesn’t take what’s best for workers into account.

To support our campaign, we’re asking our fellow workers to follow us on Twitter: @VZWUnion.

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